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Welcome to T.D.B.S.,
your partner in the field of diamond, drilling and cutting tools.

Only when you approach the day with the right attitude you will make it a successful one. However, what is the “right attitude”? We at T.D.B.S. can truly claim that we offer our customers first class, individualized product solutions at any time, in addition to excellent service and highly qualified teams that enjoy doing their work. You can rely on us and the quality of our products. And that has already been the case for many years. We are proud to say that our customers appreciate all of that and their successful cooperation encourages us to continue to produce the best possible products for them.

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T.D.B.S. Handels GmbH
Trägersysteme für Diamant-, Bohr und Schneidwerkzeuge
Walter-Freitag-Straße 35
42899 Remscheid, Germany

Phone:   +49 (0)2191 / 58909-0
Fax.:   +49 (0)2191 / 590295



Katalog der T.D.B.S. Handels GmbH in Remscheid

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